You Don't Even Know, Dude

Jul 23

Oh, hey, this was a whole thing.

So our crew decided, after the con on Friday, to hit this pizza
place called Basic Pizza. On the way there, a guy asked us if we wanted to meet Andrew Garfield. He was apparently making an appearance at the pizza place we were already heading to, and there would be free pizza and booze. We were given wrist bands (this event was sponsored by Tumblr, apparently) and went in. It was super crowded, but there were lots of free slices and the bar wasn’t charging, so we at from a cramped, standing position and drank. Eventually, Andrew and (surprise!) Jamie Foxx showed up to discuss Amazing Spider-Man 2 with the director and a couple other unimportant people. The sound was really bad and there were some fangirls in front of us who wouldn’t shut up.

That third photo was taken right after I yelled “YEAH SOCIAL NETWORK”.

Free booze!

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